oh hello, I'm Ronnie Lordi

Not sure if other people hire someone to write their bio for them, but I'm a strong independent comedian who don't need no MAN (or LADY) to handle my business. Here we go.

I'm a comedian, writer, and podcaster who has been featured in the New York Post, The InterroBang, Buzzfeed’s Popdust.com, and has been seen on MTV and Funny or Die.

If you don't recognize me from one of those respected media outlets you might recall my treasured college basketball career
where I totaled 4 career points at the Division 3 level. Still no? Well, my family also went on many cruises growing up so you most likely met me there, in the soft serve line.

I'm also the creator and host of a hot NYC show “Live at the Barbershop” that takes place every Friday and Saturday in a real NYC Barbershop and features my friends who happen to be heaviest hitters in comedy (pretty hip stuff.) I'm also is the host of the show BNDWGN and can be heard every Tuesday on the WineBoiz podcast.  Writing this was weird for me but thanks for reading. Now that you know me look at my pictures and accomplishments below.

beautiful pictures of me

in various locations

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